Monte Calvario - Domodossola

Sacro Monte Calvario panorama

Located in the quieteness of the Alps, Sacro Monte Calvario is a place of peace and spirituality that can offer precious and unique experiences. Here Blessed Antonio Rosmini founded the Institute of Charity on 20th February 1828.

Things that contribute to make it a special place are the long Way of the Cross, with the artistic Chapels that reproduce in full size the scenes of Passion of Jesus, the Shrine of the Holy Crucifix, various other little churches and Chapels, the Convent of the Rosminian Comunity, the panoramic gardens to the Belvedere, the remains of the medieval Castle of Mattarella.


Since 2003 Sacro Monte Calvario is part of the UNESCO artistic and naturalistic sites considered patrimonies of the humanity.

Many are during the year the events that take place at Sacro Monte Calvario, such as exhibitions, conventions, concerts.
It is a place of silence and recollection, for prayer ad to spend tome with God.
This site is considerable interesting for the artistic and naturalistic beauties, for monumental structure of the Holy Calvary and of the Castle, for the impressive gardens, the various tracking paths in the nearby area and in the nearby valleys and for the richness of living historic and folkloristic traditions.

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