Ancient quarry of Ornavasso

The Ancient Quarry of Ornavasso

This Ancient Quarry is in the heart of the historical, archaeological and naturalistic area of ​​Ornavasso and Migiandone, with the possibility of excursions for families, groups, trekking, mountain biking and climbing enthusiasts.

The marble of Ornavasso has given life to some masterpieces of Italian art: the Duomo of Milan, in particular for the external covering and the slabs of the floors, the facade of the Certosa di Pavia and the covering of the pillars in the Octagon of the Cathedral of Pavia , a site that from the sixteenth century will work for centuries in the quarries of Ornavasso. The coverings of the apses of San Carlo and Santa Cristina in Turin, the altar and pinnacles of the church of Busto Arsizio, the altar of the Chiesa del Sestriere, the church of San Fedele and the Arco della Pace in Corso Sempione in Milan. Among the most recent and well-known artists, just mention the names of Giò Pomodoro and Giancarlo Sangregorio.

Shows and concerts are organized inside the quarry.
Every winter, in December, the cave becomes the grotto of Santa Claus

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