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Guia Gold Mine

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Guia Gold mine in Macugnaga

Among the many "wonders" of Mount Rosa is also gold.
NOt only the gold from rivers but also the one locked like a treasure in the most secret and darkest of caskets, in the rocks and depositsof auriferous pyrites emerging from beneath the layers of gneiss and mica-shist wich vein this large mountain.
The ancient gold mine of Mount Rosa (the most famous ones being near San Carlo in Valle Anzasca and, higher up the mountain, in Pestarena in the area of Macugnaga)

Here you can admire an extraordinary history of natural metamorphosisand and the history of workers who literally carried out gold from mines.
The gold mine of Guia, near Barca in Macugnaga, in Anzasca Valley is an ideal place for a fashinating approach to the history of mining and its technology.
Te Guia Gold Mine is the first gold mine in the Alps open to educational visits and tourist excursions, it is the first mine-museum in Italy where people can experience how, with what tools, what techniques and in what conditions work was carried out in the gold mines of Mount Rosa.

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Miniera d'oro della Guia
Località Guia, 1
28876 Macugnaga (VB)
340 3953869
347 4722583


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