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What to visit during your stay in Bognanco

We thought to prepare some suggestions to make your holiday more interesting.
The paths are varied and different and range from nature to religiosity.
All are very interesting and not too far from hotel Edelweiss in Bognanco.

City of Domodossola

Distanza Tra l'albergo Edelweiss di Bognanco e Domodossola
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Domodossola - La piazza mercato

Domodossola is the vital center of Ossola. Symbol of the city, piazza Mercato is characterized by the fifteenth-century porticoes supporting the manor houses of the Ossola families, most of the 15th and 16th centuries, including the De Rodis, the Silva, the Da Ponte and the Ferraris.

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Madonna del Boden Sanctuary

Directons to Santuario della Madonna del Boden
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Madonna del boden Sanctuary

This is an ideal excursion to spend a quiet afternoon, it can be done together with the other route in the same area: Ancient quarry of Ornavasso.

On September 7, 1528 a shepherdess, such Maria Della Torre, belonging to an ancient family of the village, finding herself in the forest above the Boden to graze the flock, overwhelmed by sleep, fell asleep, waking up late at night. Frightened by the solitude and the darkness of the night and sorrowful for the loss of livestock, she invoked Our Lady. Suddenly he felt the ground failing beneath his feet and he found himself falling from a cliff. At that moment a very bright light began to surround her and she,

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Monte Calvario - Domodossola

Directons to Sacro Monte Calvario
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Sacro Monte Calvario panorama

Located in the quieteness of the Alps, Sacro Monte Calvario is a place of peace and spirituality that can offer precious and unique experiences. Here Blessed Antonio Rosmini founded the Institute of Charity on 20th February 1828.

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Re Sanctuary

Directons to Santuario di re from hotel Edelweiss, Bognanco Terme
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Santuario di Re

Re is one of the most characteristic villages of the Val Vigezzo; located at 710 m above sea level, it is just over 7 km from Switzerland and is a real devotional center of the valley, a destination for pilgrimages to its majestic sanctuary dedicated to the "Madonna del Sangue" (Santuario di Re in italian).

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Ancient quarry of Ornavasso

Distanza Tra l'albergo Edelweiss di Bognanco e l'antica cava di Ornavasso
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The Ancient Quarry of Ornavasso

This Ancient Quarry is in the heart of the historical, archaeological and naturalistic area of ​​Ornavasso and Migiandone, with the possibility of excursions for families, groups, trekking, mountain biking and climbing enthusiasts.

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