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Padiglione Carlo Angela - Terme di Bognanco

The spa of Bognanco Terme, also called "the country of the hundred waterfalls", is known for its natural beauties and for its waters with remarkable therapeutic qualities.
Immersed in the greenery of the beautiful mountains of Ossola, it represents the best you can imagine in terms of natural environment and tranquility.
In these pleasant places, the noise and pollution of the cities are only a distant and faded memory.
The mineral waters of Bognanco have marked healing activities:


For the treatment of the digestive system, of the liver, of the biliary tract

San Lorenzo natural mineral water

Fonte San Lorenzo - Terme di Bognanco
It is a water rich in magnesium bicarbonate. It facilitates the digestion, activates the metabolism of the liver, fluidifies the bile and accelerates the outflow in the intestine with consequent laxative action.
Detoxifies, reducing cholesterol in the blood.

 For an anti-inflammatory action accompanied by the diuretic in the suffering of the renal pathways

Gaudenziana natural mineral water

Fonte Gaudenziana - Terme di Bognanco
Particularly light, stimulates diuresis, favoring the elimination of nitrogenous waste.

 For an easier digestion at the table

Natural mineral water Ausonia

Fonte Ausonia - Terme di Bognanco
Naturally sparkling and pleasant, it finds indications in the gastriti and gastroduodeniti.

During the season it is possible to create "hydropinic therapy" at the Thermal Center taking the water inside the park, in the classic hall of the "Carlo Angela" pavilion.


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