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Sauna and hammam at hotel Edelweiss in Bognanco Terme - Piedmont

Relax and wellness

Sauna bath causes sweating & helps in opening skin pores. As we sweat more during sauna bath, it helps in excretion of body toxins and other impurities from the blood. People experience freshness in mood and health for longer time once they take sauna bath, as the body gets cleansed through sweating and muscles are relieved leading to the feeling of well-being. Sauna bath is also useful in joint pains as the warm steam helps blood flow resume effectively in all parts of the body and the contracted muscles are relieved.

Pamper yourself by plunging into a 50°C steam bath. A hammam is a place entirely dedicated to relaxation and well being, where you escape to pamper yourself.

Access to our wellness center has a cost and it is not included in other prices..

Bagno turco
Bagno turco, sauna e relax all'hotel Edelweiss di Bognanco Terme


Relaxing Sauna at 'hotel Edelweiss - Bognanco Terme
Relaxat albergo Edelweiss in Bognanco Terme


Hotel Edelweiss

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