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Reservations available from 11 June 2021. DEPLETED FUNDS
Reservations to be made by 30 June 2021. DEPLETED FUNDS


  Piedmont Region project provides for holiday discounts at Piedmontese accommodation companies with the following offers for the periods highlighted

  • Stay 3 consecutive nights or longer periods
    (1 night discounted by the accommodation company, 1 night paid by the Piedmont Region and the remaining nights paid by the tourist)
  • Stay of 7 consecutive nights
    (5 paid by the tourist, 1 discounted by the accommodation company and 1 paid by the Piedmont Region)

Offer conditions:

  • Your holidays must be booked and paid in advance to the accommodation company that will issue the tax document to the tourist, which must contain the customer's personal details
  • Any other services purchased by the customer during the stay will be contained in another tax document issued on departure.
  • The offer is nominative and cannot be repeated for the same customer on consecutive dates.
  • The offer is aimed at the national and international tourism market.
  • The offer is prepaid and non-refundable.
  • The customer is allowed to change the date of the stay, except for the period of validity of the offer and availability of the accommodation.
  • The offer cannot be combined with the "holiday tax credit" of the Government Relaunch Decree or with other promotions.
  • The offered rate (housing unit / night) will be proposed by the accommodation company, in line with its characteristics and the average annual price, valid for the entire offer period (until 31/12/2021)
  • The accommodation may indicate the type of room provided and any periods excluded from the offer.



  • Stay 3 pay 1  -->    75.00 Euro
  • Stay 7 pay 5  -->  375.00 Euro


Double room/ Twin room (B&B accomodation)


Offer periods:

We accept the Piedmont Region holiday voucher in the following periods:

  • from August 24 to September 20 2020   GONE

  • from 11 June to 5 August 2021  DEPLETED FUNDS

  • from 23 August to 20 September 2021 DEPLETED FUNDS


The types of formulas accepted are:

  • 3 nights pay 1

  • 7 nights pay 5


How to book:

The reservation is a prepayment by non-refundable bank transfer.

  1. The customer informs the hotel of the date of his reservation.
  2. Once the hotel has received confirmation from its Consortium on the availability of funds, it proceeds with the booking confirmation to the customer.
  3. The customer issues the transfer to the hotel for his share.
  4. The customer will receive on his email a copy of the account and confirmation of the reservation.
  5. It is necessary to communicate to the hotel your fiscal code and your data for the header of the account. Without this data it will not be possible to proceed.

Send an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out about our IBAN and book your stay.



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